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New York Knicks


Carmelo Anthony Is The Most Overrated Player In The NBA

They say in life to be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. After weeks of acting like a spoiled crybaby in the media, Carmelo Anthony got his wish and was dealt to the New York Knicks.

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Carmelo Anthony's Fraudulent Dream to Go Back Home and Play for New York Knicks or Nets

Carmelo Anthony is the latest bitchy, whiney NBA superstar to further prove what an embarrasment professional sports is becoming. Year after year, more and more of these overpaid children show their true colors and prove how the connection between fan and player is all but gone.

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Lebron James' ESPN Press Conference The Most Self-Serving Move In Pro Sports History

Just when you thought the 2010 NBA Free Agency saga couldn't get any more ridiculous, there was word out last night that Lebron James created a Twitter page most likely to

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Should Sports Gambling be Legalized in Atlantic City? Part Two

When we left this issue last week, we spoke of how there are some benefits to the legalization of sports gambling but for the sake of objectivity, there are two sides to this argument and there should be an examination of the history of sports gambling in the political world and where the effects of such as enterprise are coming from. In essence, the other side of the argument needs to be addressed and we’ll touch upon the legal aspects of the venture today.

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