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I went to the White House for President Trump, not the Eagles

The following piece is a guest contribution. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Philly2Philly staff.  

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The Medical Care for the Philadelphia Eagles

When you watch an NFL contest between the Philadelphia Eagles and one of their opponents, one of the things you probably don’t realize would be the fact that there are many individuals who have made the game possible that are not playing on the

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Are The Eagles Offseason Champions Again?

It is often said one should never bring a knife to a gunfight.  

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Why Eagles' didn't cut DeSean Jackson sooner is the bigger surprise

Weeks of rumors and speculation regarding DeSean Jackson’s future as a

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REVIEW: ‘Draft Day’ struggles to find balance

Draft Day

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Were Aaron Hernandez touchdowns Bob Kraft’s only concern?

New England Patriots’ owner

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Chip Kelly: Five Questions Surrounding New Eagles Coach

At his introductory press conference Thursday afternoon,

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NFL Preseason/Training Camp Power Rankings

It’s early August, which means these NFL Power Rankings should be taken with not only a grain of salt but the whole freakin’ salt shaker, too. In fact, throw in some pepper, too for trying to rank the NFL teams this early is an exercise in flying blind.

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