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nfl films


Andrew Luck Benefits From Double Standard: NFL Unfiltered Week 7

By definition, double standards are unfair. They speak to our collective need to praise those we like, while criticizing those we don’t.  

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God was clearly on Ravens' side- NFL Unfiltered: Super Bowl Edition

And on the seventh day He didn’t rest after all.

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NFL Unfiltered Week 17: NFC & AFC Quarterbacks set to shine in Playoffs

Seventeen grueling weeks of agonizing over the most insignificant pro football minutia is over.  For most fans, the New Year brings hope for those whose favorite teams qualified for the playoffs and closure for those whose teams are changing coaches.

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NFL Unfiltered Week 5: Steelers, Eagles, Roger Goodell, and more!

As senior producer of NFL films,

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Eagles manhandled by Cardinals: The Morning After

Morning campers,

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Hometown hero Mark Herzlich featured in weekly Web series from NFL Films and Gatorade, “Everything to Prove"

Hometown hero Mark Herzlich  is one of several rookies being featured in the weekly Web series from NFL Films and Gatorade,

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Vin Scully is to Dodgers what Harry Kalas was to the Phillies

The first time I heard Vin Scully  was on the 1980 World Series Highlight Film between the Phillies and Royals.

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