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nfl lockout


Jerry Sandusky to the Eagles: The Top 5 Most Shocking Philadelphia Sports Stories of 2011

With a little less than a week to go in 2011, the good folks at P2P were discussing the year that was in Philly sports. 2011 provided fans with some great moments as well as disappointment, disbelief, and even disgust.

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Is DeSean Jackson a Bigger Headache for the Philadelphia Eagles than Terrell Owens?

As the Philadelphia Eagles' disastrous 2011 season comes down to the final four weeks of meaningles

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Philadelphia Eagles had issues before their "Dream Team" even played a game

We are seven weeks into the NFL season, and it’s safe to say that the Philadelphia Eagles’  rocky start is a far cry from what was expected of this so-called “Dream Team.”

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Eagles' cornerback Asante Samuel rants in this week's Phantasy Interviews

Philly2Philly Phantasy Interviews …a Satiric Look I

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NFL Lockout Is Over, Brett Favre Eagles Rumors, and No Debt Ceiling Deal Yet

The Omelette Monday July 25, 2011

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Brett Favre would be Eagles' biggest media circus since Terrell Owens

He is going to be 42 in the Fall, but maybe Brett Favre just has one more year (or two or three) of football left in him.

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