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nfl power rankings 2011


NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Tim Tebow and the Broncos Move Up

So much for the Raiders getting physical with the Pack last week.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Packers survive Giants and remain at top spot

Came close on the Packers losing to the Giants although I never officially picked the G Men...

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NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Thanksgiving Will Reward The Detroit Lions With a Victory Over the Packers

Well Eagles fans, we're Super Bowl bound, right?

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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Ravens and Lions plunge while Patriots and Saints rise

Hello boys and girls... Well did I call it or did I call it? The Ravens were ripe for proverbial trap game and sure enough they lost to the She-Hawks, who are actually playing better of late.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Packers keep top spot, but 49ers are gaining

Wow was I wrong about the Chargers righting the ship this past week. Of course who knew Philip Rivers would go all Romo on us and fumble away a game.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Can Carson Palmer lift the Raiders?

Well Virginia, I don't know if there's a Santa Claus but, I can tell you it appears that the Eagles do have a run defense, at least for now.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Detriot Lions on the rise but Packers still hold #1 spot

Wow, Donnie Mac and the Vikes DON'T blow a big lead but some things do stay the same, as the Eagles find even more creative ways to lose.

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