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nfl unfiltered


Pederson's Play Calling Punishes Wentz: NFL Unfiltered Week 6

After five professional football games, it is clear

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NFL Unfiltered Week 5: League Must Search Harder for Quarterbacks

National Football League general managers and personnel men are failing miserably.  

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The Eagles Are Fun, Enjoy Them! NFL Unfiltered: Week 4

For Philadelphia Eagles fans, it doesn’t get any better than this.  

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We Hate Bill Belichick, and It's His Fault: NFL Unfiltered Week 3

New England Patriots head coach

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Andrew Luck Is A Good, Not Great Quarterback: NFL Unfiltered Week 2

NFL starting quarterbacks fall into tiers.

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NFL Unfiltered Week 1: Forget Football, the NFL Sells Hope

Of the many frauds the National Football League perpetuates on its fans, perhaps the most impressive is the fact hope weaves its way into their consciousness each year.

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Bright Lights Were Newton's Kryptonite: NFL Unfiltered Super Bowl 50 Edition

If you watch closely, players often tell you when the moment is too large for them to function.  And it is not based on the number of passes, catches or runs.  

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NFL Unfiltered Playoff Edition: Roseman won the front office; Can Pederson win games?

After what can conservatively be described as a disjointed search, the

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Hue Jackson isn't Burfict: NFL Unfiltered Wildcard Playoff Edition

The bizarre ending to another

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