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NFL Week 7


Andrew Luck Benefits From Double Standard: NFL Unfiltered Week 7

By definition, double standards are unfair. They speak to our collective need to praise those we like, while criticizing those we don’t.  

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Does Peyton Manning's stats make him greatest QB ever? NFL Unfiltered: Week 7

In politics, you are either drinking the Kool-Aid or serving up hate; there is little room for any measured thought.     

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Eagles knocked out of first place by Cowboys: The Morning After

Good morning campers (or is it?),

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Philly2Philly Gridiron NFL Picks Week 7: Will the Cowboys Keep the Eagles in Last Place?

Steve O was a perfect 13-0 last week and is now hitting his stride.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Can Carson Palmer lift the Raiders?

Well Virginia, I don't know if there's a Santa Claus but, I can tell you it appears that the Eagles do have a run defense, at least for now.

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