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Is Carlos Ruiz finished? Be careful: Phillies once thought the same about Bob Boone

With just weeks left until the Major League Baseball trade deadline, it’s not surprise that several

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Cliff Lee was honest about his desire to play for a winner

It’s been brewing for quite some time, but Cliff Lee has probably been unhappy for a while.  

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Can you compare Jimmy Rollins' stats to Barry Larkin's?

You’ll get no argument here that

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Former Phillie Roy Oswalt tweets his desire to return to Philly

As former (man that’s still tough to say) Phillies ace Roy

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Derek Jeter done, Nationals collapse, St. Louis Cardinals performing miracles again, and more

As of this writing, only one game has been played of the second round of the MLB Playoffs. However, Game One of the ALCS continued the theme of what has been an absolutely thrilling postseason.

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Mike Schmidt changed his own hitting approach, but can he change the Phillies'?

It was August 15th, 1985.

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Jerry Sandusky to the Eagles: The Top 5 Most Shocking Philadelphia Sports Stories of 2011

With a little less than a week to go in 2011, the good folks at P2P were discussing the year that was in Philly sports. 2011 provided fans with some great moments as well as disappointment, disbelief, and even disgust.

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Would the Phillies trade Cliff Lee before 2012?

Recently, I wrote a column focusing on the

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Chase Utley always gets a free pass in Philadelphia, but why?

He loves animals, has rugged good looks, and Led Zeppelin’s "Kashmir" is his theme song.

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