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oil spill gulf of mexico 2010


Where Does BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico Rank Amongst Worst Disasters in History?

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill also known as the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, is officially the worst man-made disaster in United States history.

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Iceland Volcano, Gulf Oil Spill, and Southern Flooding: Unprecedented Month of Disasters

Raise your hand if you remember ever hearing about this many disasters in the span of a month.  A few weeks ago, the Iceland Volcano made worldwide news when the ash (not the lava) of this monstrous volcano wreaked major havoc on flights throughout Europe.

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Conservative Critics are Delusional in Criticism of President Obama Over Oil Spill

You knew this was coming-Obama haters everywhere are rearing their ugly heads.  They are now using the Gulf Coast Oil Spill as an opportunity to bash President Obama.  Rush Limbaugh stated on his (propaganda) radio show: 

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Rush Limbaugh Reaches New Low By Hinting Obama Behind Gulf Oil Rig Explosion

Rush Limbaugh has stooped to many lows over his controversial career.  He makes incendiary remarks like State Troopers give out speeding tickets.  For him it's nothing new, but rather just a routine.  Now he set a new standard with comments regarding the Gulf Oil Spill.

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Handling Gulf Oil Spill And Arizona Immigration Law Too Much For Obama To Handle?

President Obama's job as President has been difficult enough dealing with the economy, healthcare, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now two more problems that just reared their ugly heads over the past week.  Could these two additional problems on an already full plate be too much for President Barack Obama to handle? 

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Gulf Oil Spill Gives Big Oil Companies An Excuse To Raise Oil Prices

The Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 will not just be known as one of the worst oil spills in history, but it will be known as the oil spill which spiked oil  prices in a hard-hit U.S.

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