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Oprah winfrey


Oprah Winfrey afraid of balloons? Kardashian divorce? New 'Pirates of the Caribbean' delayed

Oprah Winfrey afraid of balloons?

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Phillies Lose To Reds, Rash of Shootings in Philly, and Oprah's Final Show is FINALLY Today

The Omelette Wednesday May 25, 2011 Phillies Lose to Reds 6-3

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Katie Couric Leaving CBS, Hugh Hefner's Non-Prenup, and Hunger Games Movie News

Is Katie Couric Leaving The CBS Evening News?

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Oprah Winfrey Continues To Top Herself As She Reveals Secret Half-Sister

Say what you want about Oprah Winfrey. One thing she is not short of is surprises.

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The Met Ball 2010

Behind the Fashion: What Is the Met Ball, Really?  I’m sure you’ve heard about it. You’ve heard the comments, “Oh my god, did you see her outfit at the Met Ball this year?” and “Why was he on the red carpet? Does he think he’s famous or something?”  But what is the Met Ball, really? Is it just a glamorous costume party or is there more to it than that? 

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TBS has their Oprah after signing Conan O'Brien and will be 5th Network

Conan O'Brien's surprise move to TBS is seen by many as not just stunning, but puzzling.

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Where the Heart Is- A look into the homeless of Philadelphia. Part Three

By request, some of the names and locations in this article have been concealed. A close friend once taught me a religious story about the power of giving.   

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Jay Leno tells Conan O'Brien's fans that he's not the bad guy

Jay Leno went on Oprah yesterday (for PR sake) to tell his side of the story now that the smoke has cleared from the Conan O'Brien-NBC fiasco.

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Philly2Philly.com Reviews The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones. Sound familiar? It should. The book is one of the biggest bestsellers of the past few years, privy to Oprah’s famous book club stamp, and can likely be found collecting dust on coffee tables and bookshelves throughout America as I write this review.

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