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owen slater


Boardwalk Empire Episode 7 Recap: Jimmy Orders Nucky's Assassination

Last week in Episode 6 of Boardwalk Empire, Jimmy and The Butcher decided to do business with Meyer Lansky and Lucky. Now, there is no turning back for both sides as they have to literally sever the bond with Nucky; forever.

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 6 Recap: Nucky's Federal Case Gets Thwarted

After the blood-letting last week on Boardwalk Empire, it was a tough act to follow for Episode 6, entitled "The Age of Reason." Eli is persona non grata to Nucky after their brawl. Jimmy certainly pissed some people off b

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 5 Recap: Eli and Nucky Rumble as Richard Harrow and Jimmy Go Scalping

Last week in Episode 4 of Boardwalk Empire, the tables turned when The Commodore  had a stroke.

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 4 Recap: The Commodore Falls and Nucky is Back in Charge

Last week in Episode 3 of Boardwalk Empire, Nucky proclaimed that The Commodore and Jimmy were on borrowed time.

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Boardwalk Empire Episode 3 Recap: Jimmy and Nucky Face Off at Dinner

In episode 2 last week, The Commodore was quite confident that Nucky was on the ropes and would be rendered powerless before long.

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