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owen wilson


Justin Timberlake dead, Charlie Sheen dead, ENOUGH With Celebrity Death Hoaxes!

When "Justin Timberlake dead" came up as one of Google's hottest trends, that was the final straw for this writer. Although (as we all know), death can obviously occur without warning, Timberlake's "death" is just one of the latest celebrity death hoaxes on Twitter that were lame before they even started.

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“How Do You Know” when you’ve wasted your money on a movie?

While exiting the screening of “How Do You (FAIL) Know”, one spunky old lady led the charge out of the theater. With impeccable timing, she exclaimed, “That was the worst movie I’ve ever seen.” The entire crowd broke out into cheers and laughter. It was a great moment, but that doesn’t exactly bode well for this film’s theatrical prospects.

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