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pat gillick


Philadelphia Phillies 2014: Predictions and Observations

As the Phillies kick off their 2014 season, numerous questions surround the team’s legitimate chances of making one final postseason run. Can Ryne Sandberg stop the Phillies decline? Or will the preseason death notices hold true?

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Don't completely blame Ruben Amaro Jr. for Phillies' decline

When I hear all the

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Will Chase Utley really make a difference? And why didn't Amaro have a better Plan B?

Is anyone actually working in the Phillies’ executive offices these days? Or was the plan all along to wait for the prodigal son to return on wounded-knee and save the season?

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Amaro Delivers: Time for Phillies to do the Same

The ticker tape from the 2008 World Series parade had barely been swept away when Ruben Amaro Jr.

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Phillies' GM Ruben Amaro grilled in Philly2Philly Phantasy Interviews

Philly 2 Philly Phantasy Interviews

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Kensington Strangler Attacks Again, Pat Gillick Inducted Into Hall of Fame, and Jeff Francoeur Possible Replacement for Jayson Werth

The Omelette Tuesday December 7, 2010 Kensington Strangler Responsible for 6 Attacks

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Phillies fans, don't blame Jayson Werth for taking the Nationals' money, remember him as a champion

You knew the minute Jayson Werth hired Scott Boras as his

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