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Pat Robertson


Brace yourself Philadelphia: First major Winter Storm of 2010 is set to hit East Coast

The East Coast is bracing itself for a major Winter Storm, maybe the biggest in seven years.

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Rush Limbaugh tops Pat Robertson in stupidity with his Haiti comments

Rush Limbaugh will never be confused for Mr. Compassion, but his comments on Haiti completely go outside the bounds of responsible broadcasting.

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Wyclef Jean and 82nd Airborne to aid in Haiti earthquake relief

Help is on the way for the citizens of Haiti, following Tuesday's devastating earthquake.

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Wyclef Jean and Pat Robertson on Haiti Earthquake: Two Men, Two Different Worlds

By now you have certainly heard that Wyclef Jean plans to head home to Haiti (his native country) to help out his fellow people following an earthquake, which may have killed over 100,000 people. Mr. Jean plans to help Haiti through is charitable organization YĆ©le Haiti.

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