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Pearl Jam


Kate Middleton and Prince William expecting, Eddie Vedder radio show, Hugh Hefner back with Crystal Harris

Kate Middleton and Prince William Announce a Baby is on the Way

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REVIEW: Soundgarden picks up right where they left off with 'King Animal'

After receiving my copy of

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R.E.M.’s breakup isn’t getting the attention that it deserves

It’s kind of ironic that the first song on my iPod when I walked into the gym today was R.E.M.’s  ‘Orange Crush.’  Little did I know that earlier in the day, the trio of Buck, Mills and Stipe announced they were "calling it a day as a band”  after 31 years together.

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Grunge legends Soundgarden take no prisoners and rock Penn’s Landing Festival Pier

Being a drummer as well as a teenager during the grunge era of the 90’s, it’s safe to say that Soundgarden has been on my musical radar for quite some time.

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Running the Sahara: A True Story of Inspiration

Wow- this movie, Running the Sahara, has left me breathless. I know I am a reporter and therefore must be objective, but I also have a lot of heart and emotion, and meeting the man who was 1/3 of the team of ultra-marathoners who actually ran across the Sahara Desert has taken my breath away.

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From Roy Halladay, to McNabb and Andy Reid- Five Philly Sports topics that just won't die

Are you getting sick and tired of hearing about the same nonsense day after day on local sports radio about what our sports teams should or shouldn't be doing to improve their team?  Some of these topics need to be addressed, so it's really nobody's fault in particular. They make for good conversation and at times even spark a little controversy. Unfortunately, many of them have been rehashed over and over for years and even decades. Some are more recent, but nonetheless still sound like a broken record.

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Pearl Jam Review: Band is closing out Philadelphia's Spectrum with a Bang!

By Joe Vallee and Ryan Downs Review for Tuesday, October 27th 2009

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Album Review-Wilco Makes Things A Little Better

If you knew nothing about Wilco (the band), Wilco (the album) would be the place to start.  

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