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pennhurst haunted house


WMMR's Preston and Steve Crew Heads to Pennhurst Haunted Asylum

By Joe Vallee and Dennis Bakay Joe and Dennis recently were invited by WMMR  to tour the newly opened Pennhurst Asylum. Here is a little background on Pennhurst, as well as Dennis and Joe's take on the event. Dennis recounts his experience

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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Phillies, Vick, McNabb, Tyler Clementi, Greg Giraldo, Tropical Storm Nicole, Flooding, and more

The Omelette Friday October 1, 2010 Weekly Roundup Phillies Prepare for Playoffs Next Week The Phillies have locked up the division and will face the Giants next Wednesday in the playoffs. Not exactly the best matchup we could have hoped for. Personally I'd rather them go up against Mat Latos than two-time Cy Young winner Tim Linceum. East Coast Storm Means Business...Tropical Storm Nicole moving out

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Allentown Fair, Hurricane Earl Latest, Pennhurst Haunted House, and Obama Iraq War Speech

The Omelette Wednesday September, 1 2010 Edition Allentown Fair Will Have Serious Star Power This year's Allentown Fair in Allentown, PA is underway. According to The Allentown Fair's Official Site, in it's 158th year, they will feature Justin Bieber, Lady Antebellum, Weezer, and Rush. Now that's one heck of an eclectic lineup! The Allentown Fair runs from August 31st to September 6th. Hurricane Earl Won't Make Landfall, but Will Affect U.S.

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