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philadelphia snow storm


John Bolaris Goes Viral With Giant Weathermap Phallus Drawing

John Bolaris is well known in Philadelphia. Heck, he's a legend. He's as much a part of the Philadelphia news scene as Roy Halladay is a part of the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Snowstorm Ends in Philadelphia, Freddie Mitchell Looking for Love on Bravo, and Gabrielle Giffords' Miraculous Recovery

The Omelette Wednesday January 12, 2011 Snowstorm Ends in Philadelphia Region With Most Seeing 4 Inches

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Philadelphia finally spared from massive snow storm, this time it's your turn New York!

Finally, Philadelphia has been spared from a massive snow storm.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: Snowmageddon in Philly, PA House Healthcare bills, Debra Medina, and Glenn Beck

In spite of the Philadelphia government’s usual awfulness as it pertains to any sort of street clearing capabilities after snowstorms, this past week’s "Snowmageddon", as it’s been called by the mass media (see also: “Snowpocalypse”) has been no match for the city g

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Second snow storm in four days could make it worst winter in Philadelphia since 1780

WIth another mammoth snow storm headed for a crash course with the east coast, this could make it the worst winter in Philadelphia since the winter of 1779-1780.  This was a legendary winter, which is still recounted by historians as being the worst

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