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Iran Won't Release American Hikers, Phillies Lose to Astros Again, and Jacqueline Kennedy Tapes

The Omelette Wednesday September 14, 2011 Iran Won't Release Jailed American Hikers Yet

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Bomb Threat Targets Arlene Ackerman, Cracks Found in Other Southwest Planes, and Phillies Sweep Astros

The Omelette Monday April 4, 2011 Bomb Threat Targets Philadelphia Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman

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Phillies Lose Again To Astros, Kidnapped Boy Found, Donovan McNabb, Desean Jackson, and High-Rise Attacker Arrested

The Omelette Thursday August 26, 2010 Edition Phillies Lose to Astros For Third Straight Game

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Phillies Get Robbed in 16-Inning Loss, Donovan McNabb Rips Eagles in GQ Interview, and Amber Alert in South Jersey

The Omelette Wednesday August 25, 2010 Edition Phillies get hosed by umpire Scott Barry in 16-inning loss

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Brett Myers Returns Against Phillies, Todd Herremans Returning, and Women Targeted in Robberies

The Omelette Tuesday August 24, 2010 Edition Phillies lose to Astros in Brett Myers' return Brett Myers faced the Phillies for the first time this season since signing with the Astros and had some not so nice things to say prior to the match-up.The Phillies wound up losing 4-3. Todd Herremans returning to Eagles lineup

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