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phillies bullpen


Charlie Manuel clearly frustrated as Phillies' ship sinks further

In a sad way, it’s kind of fitting that six years after their much more serious initial spat that

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Should Phillies seek more bullpen help before August 31st?

Watching the Phillies Dodgers game Monday night in the eighth inning did nothing to change my belief that Michael Stutes has been looking increasingly ineffective over the last five weeks or so.

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Phillies Reliever Antonio Bastardo Discusses His Breakout Season With Philly2Philly.com

Philly 2 Philly Phantasy Interviews

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It's Time to Show The Phillies' Bullpen Some Love: Ryan Madson, Contreras, and Bastardo Have Been Stellar

A baseball team consists of four critical elements: starting pitching, hitting, a bullpen, and a bench.

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Brian Fuentes would have been a nice fit in the Phillies' bullpen


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Phillies' comeback against Dodgers is one for the ages, but it was inspired by another bullpen meltdown

"KEEP ON PHIGHTIN' WITH JOE VALLEE"  We all know what has happened over the last two Octobers with the Phillies against the Dodgers. So is it finally safe to say that the Phillies are officially Jonathan Broxton's daddy?

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Get used to Phillies' up and down bullpen for rest of 2010, and beyond.....

"KEEP ON PHIGHTIN' WITH JOE VALLEE" There is absolutely nothing that will drastically change the face of the Phillies' bullpen for the rest of 2010 or even 2011, so there's no use really even talking about it.

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