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phillies fan tasered


Kolb Starting Sunday, Phillies Beat Braves, and President Obama in Philly

The Omelette Tuesday September 21, 2010 Edition Kevin Kolb to Start Sunday Against Jaguars

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Phillies Fan Tasered Video: Proof Some Phillies Fans Are Serious Threats

If there's one trend in recent years involving the Phillies besides their winning ways, it's the moronic fans who go down to the ballpark. Whenever the Phillies have a "Dollar Hot dog Night" it opens up the floodgates for heavy drinking, fighting, and tomfoolery. And, when they had "college night" that was an even bigger disaster.  Fortunately, better judgement prevailed and they cut the cord on college nights after numerous arrests. 

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Phillies Fan Tasered By Cop Gives Philly Fans a Bad Name

Unless you've been living in a cave, you probably heard about the Phillies fan who ran onto the field last night at Citizen's Bank Park.  And, this Phillies fan got tasered by a cop.  Check out the video below of the Phillies fan who was tasered.

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Phillies Fan Tasered may make fans think twice about taking a "field trip"

In my life, I have probably seen close to a thousand Phillies games. I've witnessed World Series games, All-Star games, triple plays, no-hitters, and lots of bad baseball in between. The beauty of baseball however, is that sometimes you see something new that you thought you'd never see before.

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Cardinals ruin Blanton's return as Phillies' weaknesses are again exposed

The Phillies started another series this week against a true contender that runs the risk of dethroning them as the class of the National League.

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