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The Top Ten Funniest Links About the Philadelphia Eagles

Tony D's Philly Funny Guide With the NFL season just a few weeks away, our own Tony D took it upon himself to find some humor with our beloved birds. Some of these are just too funny. Enjoy!   10: Philadelphia Eagles Jokes: These are much funnier after a gallon of Riot Juice. http://www.superiorjokes.com/for-all-you-philadelphia-eagles-fans/  

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Comedian Paul F. Tompkins comes to Philly by booking his shows through his fans

Ever hear of the Tompkins 300? It all started when comedian Paul F. Tompkins challenged his Toronto fans to get 300 people to commit to seeing one of his shows and then he’d book it.

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Matt Besser - The Godzilla of Improv To Destroy Philadelphia At Connie’s Ric Rac

If you know anything about improv (and you probably don’t), but if you did, you’d know the name Matt Besser .

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Philly Funny Guide Profiles ComedySportz World Championship

Tony D's Philly Funny Guide

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The Off-Color Theatre Company is a new voice for original comedy in Philadelphia


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Philly Funny Guide's Top Ten Philadelphia Pictures

10: This is a shirt that all of South Philly needs. Finally, out of towners would understand that we’re not deaf or obnoxious morons.

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Philly Funny Guide's Top Ten Funny Philadelphia YouTube Videos

We scoured YouTube to bring you the finest Philly YouTube videos on the Internet!

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Tony D’s Philly Funny Guide: The Sixth Borough has Got Some Ugly Furniture

As a comedy person in the mix in the Philly improv scene for a while, you see people drift in and out of it like tourists who walk in and out of South Philly, wondering why the Hell did I walk all the way down here for a sandwich and where’s my wallet? One of my old comedy collaborators was Corey Cohen. Besides being in the Ninjas improv group, we also did a little something called Zombie Country .

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Philly Funny Guide- Put on some Secret Pants

For the past six years or so, a little renaissance of sketch comedy has erupted in Philadelphia like a hilarious burst pimple. One of the oldest and most successful groups to come out of this faux-SNL comeback is Secret Pants.

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