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Porsche Slocum


The 2nd Annual Praise Café Brunch & Fashion Show

As I scurried into the Praise Café a little behind schedule and still warm from the unforgiving sun, WDAS deejay Doug Henderson’s voice was already booming off of every wall in the room.

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Miro Dance Theatre Holds Mash-Ups at Drexel University's Mandell Theatre

It was Benjamin Franklin who said “you may delay, but time will not.” He had something going.

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Rock, Paper, and Isaiah Zagar at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

You’ve seen his mosaic murals throughout the city and you may have glanced over his impressive 300-word biography in a brochure, but what’s the story behind the mosaic man? 

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Top Picks for Restaurant Week Winter 2010

We’re in the home stretch of Center City District Restaurant Week (January 17-22 and 24-29, 2010). While you’re taking a break from affordable food and all of its yummy glory on the 23rd, feast your eyes on a few restaurants you may have put on the back-burner.

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Dance & Discussion: Past, Present and Zane Booker

He’s an Aquarius.  He likes his freedom (“It’s like a physical need,” he says).  He confesses he can be stubborn.  But talking to Zane Booker, the creator of the Smoke, Lilies and Jade Arts Initiative (SLJ), is nearly therapeutic.  It’s almost as if he’s reading your inner most thoughts.  He frequently struggles to find the word he’s looking for, but when he finds it, it’s perfect

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