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Pro Bowl


Is Superman The NFL’s MVP? NFL Unfiltered Week 15


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The Morning After - Eagles Season Ends With Loss To Packers

Good morning campers, Last time I'll be saying that for nine months, give or take a day or two. Here's to hoping next year's Eagles team looks decidedly different than this year's, which may sound odd to an outsider and the so-called experts but to those of us who saw every snap, know the truth. And that is that this team is nowhere near as good as its record said it was. 

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Philadelphia Eagles 2009: A Final Recap

As the Eagles ponder their future and wonder how a team that blew them out twice in six days got blown out themselves, here is look back at the 2009 season with at least one eye on 2010. Right now, the Eagles look like a perennial playoff team, but nothing more. They are good enough to find 10 to 11 wins on their schedule, but appear to be miles away from getting back to the Super Bowl. So what do they do? Let’s first look at what they have done. 5 Things That Went Right

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The Morning After - Eagles Defeat the Giants

Good morning campers, This morning we rise and shine to an Eagles win and a Phillies _________. Sorry, couldn’t wait til the end of the Phils game, had to get this in to my editor… pain in the _________. Let’s giddy up…

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The Morning After- The Eagles rout the Chiefs

Good morning my faithful flock…  This week we’re going to discuss lots of things like a sepia-colored schnoz, big gulps, Apollo 13, Frank Poncharello and other surprises.  Let’s get to getting…  TURN THAT BROWN UPSIDE DOWN…

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