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public option


President Obama's health care plan: Money pit or a victory for working class Americans?

President Obama's Health Care plan will be put to test this week as he unveiled the $950 billion proposal to Congress this week.

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No Public Option for You! Says Joe Lieberman

Well, the verdict is in.  The Democrats have caved in to Joe Lieberman, et al. and will not have a public option in the so-called health insurance overhaul. Let's be frank though.  What little public option was left in this bill wasn't exactly anything to get excited about.

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Obama's Healthcare Bill and Public Option Face Battle in Senate

President Obama's vision for healthcare is admirable.  He envisions a healthcare system in this country which doesn't bleed the working people dry and one that actually benefits consumers.  His Public Option is potentially a great product for American consumers and one that will put the Healthcare Industry on notice.

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Septa on Strike and why the union is wrong on this one

Well it's official. Septa went on strike at 3:00 AM on Tuesday November 3rd.  Both the city and the union should be ashamed that things have come to this because it leaves 1 million plus riders in a bind, who now more than ever desperately need Septa to get to and from work. The union claims the city gave them the cold shoulder once the Phillies games were played.

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