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rahm emanuel


Charles Ramsey Staying in Philly, Glenn Beck Leaving Fox, Matt Lauer News, and Phillies Hang On

The Omelette Thursday April 7, 2011 Commissioner Charles Ramsey Staying In Philadelphia

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Local Student Brandon Ford To Meet President Obama, Rahm Emanuel Removed From Mayoral Ballot, and Oscar Nominations

The Omelette Tuesday January 25, 2011 Local Student Brandon Ford To Meet President Obama

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"Rahmbo For Mayor" May Happen Now That Rahm Emanuel Sees Obama Sinking

Rahmbo for Mayor! Who in the Windy City wouldn’t be proud to sport such a campaign button?  And it looks like we’re one step close to such a possibility.

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Rahm Emanuel facing unwarranted criticism from Sarah Palin and others over retarded comment

Rahm Emanuel is the latest public figure to come under fire for a comment and really this one should be a non-story.  Of course I'm talking about the "retarded" comment Rahm Emanuel made during a private meeting last year.  Yes, you read that right.  He used the word "retarded" during a private meeting last year and there are people calling for the man's firing.

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