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ron rivera


Bright Lights Were Newton's Kryptonite: NFL Unfiltered Super Bowl 50 Edition

If you watch closely, players often tell you when the moment is too large for them to function.  And it is not based on the number of passes, catches or runs.  

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NFL Unfiltered Playoff Edition: Roseman won the front office; Can Pederson win games?

After what can conservatively be described as a disjointed search, the

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Is the NFL still a passing league? NFL Unfiltered: Divisional Playoff Edition

Nothing gets my juices flowing more than when someone says the NFL is a passing league.  

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NFL Unfiltered Week 4: Jets and Saints floundering, did Cam Newton cost the Panthers Sunday's game?

Perhaps it is the physical nature of the National Football League. Or maybe it is due to the sheer arrogance of the men in charge.  But whatever the reason, head coaches always behave as if their team is superior to the opponent even when they aren’t.  

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