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russell wilson


Andrew Luck Is A Good, Not Great Quarterback: NFL Unfiltered Week 2

NFL starting quarterbacks fall into tiers.

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NFL Unfiltered Week 1: Forget Football, the NFL Sells Hope

Of the many frauds the National Football League perpetuates on its fans, perhaps the most impressive is the fact hope weaves its way into their consciousness each year.

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NFL Unfiltered Playoff Edition: Roseman won the front office; Can Pederson win games?

After what can conservatively be described as a disjointed search, the

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NFL Unfiltered Week 17: Do Philly Connections Mean Philly Success?

Here we go again!

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Do You Forgive the Patriots? NFL Unfiltered Week 8


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NFL Unfiltered Week 5: Are All Head Coaches The Same?

It turns out

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NFL Unfiltered: Exodus, Russell Wilson and Kings

Aaron Rodgers is well on his way to Canton.  Andrew Luck is the clear heir apparent and Tom Brady is as good as we’ve ever seen, despite the undisputed talents of the Patriots’ videographer and equipment staff.  

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Eagles make wrong "statement" against Seahawks: NFL Unfiltered Week 14

Over the course of a season, teams face what experts and fans like to call statement games.  Supposed moments of truth, where we learn something about a particular squad.

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Are Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick just lazy? NFL Unfiltered Week 13

Green Bay Packers quarterback

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