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ryan braun


Carlos Ruiz returns, but a cheer for Chooch is a cheer for cheating

Like passionate baseball fans everywhere, the Philly faithful let you know what they’re thinking.  

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Quotes of the Week: Danica Patrick, Sacha Baron Cohen "The Dictator", Mitt Romney, and Ryan Braun

Quotes of the Week Saturday February 25, 2012

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Roy Halladay Interrupts Philly Little and Matt Goldberg in Phantasy Interviews

Philly 2 Philly Phantasy Interviews

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The Top 5 Teams that could kill the Phillies’ World Series title hopes

With a win against the Oakland A’s Sunday, the Phillies clinched their first winning record in June since 2007. The most important series of this season to date starts Tuesday, as three-game series (and possible World Series matchup) with the Boston Red Sox gets underway.

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