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An Open Letter to Santa About NORAD Tracker and The History of Christmas

With Christmas 2010 just a few days away, the whereabouts of Santa Claus will be on many youngsters' minds. They will be able to track him through the Santa NORAD Tracker starting tomorrow on Christmas Eve.

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The Morning After: Eagles Beat the Broncos

Morning campers, Hope the big fat man gave you what you wanted... and Santa did, too. It was obviously a very emotional game for the Eagles' players and fans alike with an all-time Eagles legend returning wearing enemy colors. I have to tell you though, seeing Mitch Berger in the Bronco blue and orange doesn't bother me as nearly as much as it used to.

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The Morning After: Eagles beat the Giants in a classic

Morning campers, I know you’re shocked and saddened that it appears that the Dallas December swoon is in full bloom again. It really is quite alarming considering the former NASA engineer/Mensa president they have coaching them.

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7 Ways NOT to Gain Weight During the Holiday Season

Don’t you just love this time of year? The holiday music playing in your ear, children anticipating the coming of Santa, that sweet potato pie, those chocolate chip  cookies or how about the stuffing and glazed biscuits? Uh oh, I think we ran into a dilemma!

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