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santa onstar


NORAD Tracks Santa once again in 2017

Well folks, it's Christmas time again, and you can monitor Santa's every move with

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Google Santa Tracker 2017: Kris Kringle's Journey Begins

Want to track Kris Kringle's journey across the world and explore with his elves leading up to Christmas!? Well, Google Santa Tracker is back for 2017!

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NORAD Santa Tracker 2013: Do you know where Santa is?

Well folks, the time of year has come again.

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NORAD or Google Santa Tracker: Either Way The Kids Win on Christmas

As I stated yesterday in The Watercooler, things are a little different this year with regards to the Santa Tracker. 

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NORAD Santa Tracker 2011: Santa Makes Landfall in the U.S. at Cape Canaveral Florida

Santa's journey around the globe on Christmas Eve 2011 has brought him to the United States. As of 11:00 P.M. he has made landfall in the United States -  landing at Cape Canaveral, Florida. 

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NORAD Santa Tracker 2011: Santa is in Sri Lanka and Will Be in the U.S. Tonight

Santa's journey around the globe is underway this Christmas Eve 2011. Millions of children and parents can track Santa's movements through the NORAD Santa Tracker with a little help from our friends in the U.S.

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