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How to have a Brilliantly Frugal Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Philly2Philly readers!  I hope this column finds you surrounded by family, friends, and fabulous food.

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DIY Two-Toned Flats: Jessie Holeva's Trend Bite of the Week!

So you’re probably seeing heels and flats with different colors on shoe tips these days. Want to learn how to do it? Jessie shows you how this week!

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Socks with Sandals: Jessie Holeva's Trend Bite of the Week!

Want to wear open toed shoes but feel it’s still cold? Don’t worry! This week, Jessie shows you how you can still wear them...with socks!

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Save Big Money furnishing Dorm Rooms from Kristen Hagopian

Incredibly, we’re about to cruise into the crispy month of August. With most colleges starting three or four weeks from now, this is the perfect time to think about getting your hands on all of the little luxuries that will help college-bound kids turn itty-bitty dorm rooms and miniscule apartments into their fabulously frugal “Home, Sweet Home”!

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Shoe comfort for women: From Philly Fashionistas

Philly Fashionistas with Biana DeMarco

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