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Does It Take a Genius To Coach Tom Brady? NFL Unfiltered Week 13

Genius is one of the most overused words in the English language and a complete misnomer when it comes to professional sports.  

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Is the NFC East now up for grabs? NFL Unfiltered Week 5

Suddenly, the

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Eagles dodge Rams - The Morning After

Good morning Birds fans, 

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NFL Unfiltered Week 3: Despite league controversies, fans will always watch

NFL Commissioner

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Steve Spagnuolo Returning to the Philadelphia Eagles...or Not

Will or won't Steve Spagnuolo return to the Philadelphia Eagles? That is the question.

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Eagles Dismantle The Rams- The Morning After

Morning campers,

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McNabb to 49ers makes most sense

Andy Reid has finally admitted that he is as least listening to offers for Donovan McNabb.

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