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Stanley Tucci


‘The Fifth Estate’ profiles the ego behind Wikileaks

The Fifth Estate

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'Hunger Games' News, New SNL Cast Members, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Wedding

'Hunger Games Catching Fire' Begins Shooting

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Hunger Games Is Enjoyable Even If You Didn't Read Suzanne Collins' Books

The Hunger Games is the latest pop culture phenomenom to captivate audiences young and old throughout the nation.

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‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ will make his country and the box office proud

One of Marvel Comics’ most successful and oldest characters finally makes his debut on the silver screen this weekend with

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Emma Stone passes the test and gets an 'Easy A'

Does Easy A  really give Clueless and Mean Girls a run for their money?

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Philly2Philly.com Reviews The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones. Sound familiar? It should. The book is one of the biggest bestsellers of the past few years, privy to Oprah’s famous book club stamp, and can likely be found collecting dust on coffee tables and bookshelves throughout America as I write this review.

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