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Stephen Starr


Stephen Starr's El Rey on Chestnut by 20th

El Rey, meaning the king in spanish, is a bit more like the pauper in terms of style and design. That does not, however, take away from the fun folk-art decor or delicious, homestyle food.

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Distrito vs Pod: The University City Dining Days Comparison - Part 2

Continued from Part I on August 3, 2010....

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Distrito vs Pod: The University City Dining Days Comparison - Part 1

When you think of the culinary scene in Philadelphia, two prominent names come to mind; Stephen Starr, restaurateur-extraordinaire whose empire here in the city boasts thirteen restaurants, over 1,000 employees and Scrooge McDuck-style revenue.

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University City Summer 2010 Dining Days: July 15 - July 29

What are you doing for dinner Thursday? Grilling off some steaks on the deck? Take out Chinese? Reservations at some swank Center City restaurant with the girlfriend? Whatever it is, cancel it. Seriously.

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The Flavors of France at Bistrot La Minette

French cuisine. To all, but the most knowledgeable and dedicated foodies, the idea can be intimidating. I know, at least, that it intimidates the hell out of me.  After all, French inspired cooking is essentially responsible for fine dining as we know it today, and many styles and techniques owe their roots to the precision, patience and practice of centuries of dedicated French culinary artists.  Thus, as I begin my own tutelage at The International Culinary School this week, I wanted to try something authentic.

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