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Suzanne Roberts Theatre


Kathleen Turner Stars in Red Hot Patriot Now Extended to April 25

As Washington battled over healthcare reform last month, the fire was anything but friendly. With conservatives behaving particularly badly--hurling spit, bricks, racist slurs and death threats in the direction of Democratic Congresspersons—many called for the return of calm, the return of civility, the return of bipartisanship. Or maybe we just need the return of Molly Ivins.

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The Philadelphia International Festival Of The Arts Inspired By The Kimmel Center Announced Yesterday

If you were wondering why your inbox was full of emails announcing participation in PIFA or the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts or you just want to know what the buzz is about, Philly2Philly.com has the answer. Yesterday, April 7th launched the press campaign for new Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA), which was inspired by the Kimmel Center.

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Philadelphia Young Playwrights' 2010 Professional Productions Takes Stage March 2-5

It's not often that a high school student gets to tack on the title of playwright to her name. But for a few lucky students, their written words will be coming to life this week on stage during the Philadelphia Young Playwrights’ 2010 Professional Productions.

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