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sylvester stallone


REVIEW: Stallone and De Niro return to boxing ring for 'Grudge Match'

I know, I know.

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Stallone, Schwarzenegger make 'Escape Plan' fun

At the age of 67, you would think

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Actor Brian Dennehy talks to Philly2Philly.com: Part 1

Philly2Philly recently had the privilege of talking with two-time Tony Award Winner Brian Dennehy, who was taking part in several projects with Msgr. Michael Mannion to help renovate the city of Camden, New Jersey. Brian also spoke at St.

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Was 'The Real Rocky' even the REAL Rocky?

"I'm sure the ESPN documentary of 'The Real Rocky'  featuring the Rocky/Chuck Wepner connection is a well made and interesting documentary.

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‘The Real Rocky’: Chuck Wepner takes on Sylvester Stallone in new ESPN documentary

In the world of motion pictures, it’s not hard to find movies or films with inspirational and legendary heroes.

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'Rocky-Thon' at Philadelphia Art Museum gathers legions of Rocky fans

Standing in front of the throng of Philadelphians who gathered on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps, Scott Weinberg of Cinematical.com had many things to say, but only one important question: “Who thinks they’re going to still be here at two in the morning?”

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Sly Stallone has 'The Expendables' EXPLODING on the big screen

Think about every action hero in cinematic history who has operated a firearm and chances are you will find them in "The Expendables."

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