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tea party movement


Christine O'Donnell's Delaware Primary Victory Should Put Smug Democrats On Notice

The election of Christine O'Donnell in the Delaware Republican primary was an unprecedented  victory for the Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin who backed the candidate in opposition to the regular Republican Party.

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Democrats Unfairly Associating Tea Party With Violence, Racism, and Anti-Government Extremism

“On April 19th, nearly two years after the beginning of the Tea Party movement, government troops searched for a cache of weapons stored by suspected militants. Though outnumbered, the militants fired on the troops but were driven back.

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Sarah Palin and Tea Party Express take over Searchlight Nevada in Conservative Woodstock

The Tea Party movement isn't about to give up after losing the health care battle to the Obama Administration.  In fact, they have just begun.

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Tea party protesters yelled racial slurs at John Lewis during Obama Healthcare protest today

Today the Tea Partiers were out in full effect in Washington D.C. today and black lawmakers are saying that some of the tea party protestors yelled racial epithets at John Lewis (D-GA) as he walked to President Obama's final health care reform rally.

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Blaming Joe Stack's suicide mission on Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party is insane

By now you've probably heard about a lunatic with a small airplane named Joe Stack who crashed his plane into an IRS building Austin, Texas in an attempt to get back at the man-or "Big Brother" as he so eloquently stated on his website.

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Sarah Palin and the racist Tea Party Movement vs. Obama and Democracy

Sarah Palin and The Tea Party movement are making many headlines these days as they fortify their position as the key opposition against

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