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tea party protest


Tea Partiers turn Tax Day into "Tea Party Day"

Tax Day on April 15th is a dreaded day for many Americans. It's the final day when many procrastinate to get their taxes in by, mainly because they owe money to Uncle Sam. For others it's irrelevant.  Many of us who knew we were getting a hefty tax return couldn't wait to get our W2's in by the end of January. 

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Militia movement influence could destroy image of Tea Party and hurt Sarah Palin

Could militia movements be influencing the Tea Party now? More than ever, there are growing threats being issued against Democrats and supporters of health care reform.

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Tea Party has become a movement of racism and hate focused at Obama, not Healthcare Reform

It has finally happened.  The Tea Party movement has shown its ugly colors yesterday as members of its movement hurled racial epithets at several black congressman during their so-called health care protest yesterday in Washington D.C.

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Tea party protesters yelled racial slurs at John Lewis during Obama Healthcare protest today

Today the Tea Partiers were out in full effect in Washington D.C. today and black lawmakers are saying that some of the tea party protestors yelled racial epithets at John Lewis (D-GA) as he walked to President Obama's final health care reform rally.

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