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Roy Halladay Out For 6 to 8 Weeks, Roy Oswalt Signs With Rangers, and Terrell Owens Burns Another Bridge

The Omelette Wednesday May 30, 2012 Roy Halladay Out For Six to Eight Weeks

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St. Louis Cardinals Win Game 6 of World Series and Snow on the Way to Philadelphia Area

The Omelette Friday October 28, 2011 St. Louis Cardinals Win Epic Game 6 of World Series over Texas Rangers

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Cardinals' win against Rangers in World Series Game 6 rivals Mets vs Red Sox in 1986

If you are still shaking your head at the turn of events that just transpired from about 11:30pm to roughly 12:40am in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, you are not alone.

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Billy Vargus explains why the Phillies will beat the Orioles in the 2011 World Series


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Phillies Cliff Lee Rumor Is Internet Rumor-Mongering At It's Worst

There have been rumors of a third team stepping into the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. Tonight, that third team was revealed by Jayson Stark. And, it's of course the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Sunday Omelette: Happy Halloween, Rally to Restore Sanity, early start for World Series Game 3, and Time Change Fall 2010

The Omelette October 31, 2010: Weekend Roundup Happy Halloween Everyone! Today of course, is Halloween. With no Eagles game (bye week) and no Phillies game (ugh), you moms and dads out there can get the head start on trick or treat times in the early afternoon. If by some strange chance you don't have a costume yet, check out Kristen Hagopian's article HERE!

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Phillies embarrass themselves as Giants win the pennant on their home field

Somewhere, the Philadelphia Eagles' brain trust is probably popping champagne.

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