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the american


Mila Kunis & 'That 70's Show' reunion? Mindy McCready & Celebrity Rehab jix? 'The Americans' renewed

Mila Kunis & 'That 70's Show' reunion?

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Resident Evil films may be crap, but 3-D re-invigorates the franchise

Zombies take over the weekend box office I’m pretty sure the endless Resident Evil franchise has kept Milla Jovovich employed as an actress, but how much more do we have to suffer?

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Will 'Machete' decapitate 'The American'? The race is on

America Is feeling quite patriotic but horror exploitation fan boys are hot on the trail. Well, it’s Labor Day weekend, which means most of the U.S. needs to forced at gunpoint to attend the movies as opposed to the beach (where are the open-roof theatres?! Screen and tan, it’s a novel concept I tell ya!).

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