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the dark knight


Batman & 'Dark Knight Rises' could've risen to the occasion a little better

How do follow up a movie that has grossed over  $1 billion dollars worldwide (

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‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ will make his country and the box office proud

One of Marvel Comics’ most successful and oldest characters finally makes his debut on the silver screen this weekend with

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Henry Cavill is the new Superman, but is The Man of Steel's message relevant anymore?

It was announced this weekend that British actor Henry Cavill has been chosen for the role of Superman in Superman:The Man of Steel

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Call of Duty Black Ops Record Sales: Bad Economy, What Bad Economy?

Can we finally say that the days of the gloom and doom are over with? Unemployment is slowly, but surely decreasing, and people are spending money once again.

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'Inception' will have you dream a little dream

Inception twists the audience’s brain like a Bavarian pretzel, but the movie is a good blend of artistic science fiction film and summer blockbuster.

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