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the town


'The Social Network' edges 'Life As We Know It' in Philly2Philly's Box Office Weekend Wrapup

Computer nerds shut down chick flick cinema in Jim Teti's Box Office Weekend Wrap-up

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'The Social Network' connects with viewers in Philly2Philly's Box Office Weekend Wrap-Up


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Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf re-ignite Wall Street; bring in the big bucks

JIM TETI'S BOX OFFICE WEEKEND WRAPUP Money talks in more than ways one this weekend.

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'The Town' robs the U.S Box Office, and horny teens in 'Easy A' aren’t far behind

Ben Affleck proves he’s got bona fide talent  with his sophomore film The Town

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Ben Affleck tries to escape a life of crime in 'The Town'

Ben Affleck’s sophomore effort The Town is terrific, flawed entertainment.

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Resident Evil films may be crap, but 3-D re-invigorates the franchise

Zombies take over the weekend box office I’m pretty sure the endless Resident Evil franchise has kept Milla Jovovich employed as an actress, but how much more do we have to suffer?

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