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tiger woods return


Donovan McNabb and Tiger Woods are perfect bookends to wild week in sports

This week in sports will go down as one of the most action-packed and wildest in ages.

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Tiger Woods takes his first step in a long road with sincere press conference today

Tiger Woods gave a press conference this morning addressing the infidelity scandal, which has destroyed the golf superstar's image.

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Tiger Woods and Brett Favre have a lot in common

When you mention the names Tiger Woods and Brett Favre right now they are (on the surface) two athletes on the opposite ends of the spectrum. One of them in Tiger Woods is embroiled in a scandal of mythic proportions.  The other in Brett Favre is coming off one of his greatest seasons and has teams begging for his services.

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Is Tiger Woods' return to PGA good for tour once he returns from sex rehab?

Some will argue that Tiger Woods' imminent return to the PGA will bring a lot of distractions to the sport.

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