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How O.J. Simpson's Bronco chase and trial set the stage for reality TV

June 17th, 1994. 

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The Dwight Howard backlash begins in Los Angeles

A lot has been going on for the Los Angeles

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Van Halen Tour Dates-Philly Show Postponed, but let's not assume anything yet

Just when you thought Van Halen

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Jon Bon Jovi is Not Dead and He Responds to Internet Death Hoax

Jon Bon Jovi is Not Dead Folks!

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Message to Twitter Followers: Jackie Chan Is Not Dead

Jackie Chan is the latest Hollywood celebrity to fall victim to the Twitter death rumor. Thousands of people were tweeting that Jackie Chan was dead and issuing R.I.P. Jackie Chan tweets.

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Charlie Sheen Officially Fired from ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Guess he’s no longer ‘Winning’

In what isn’t exactly a complete surprise, the suits at CBS have officially fired Charlie Sheen from ‘Two and a Half Men.’   If Sheen didn’t think CBS would make such a drastic decision, he was sadly mistaken.

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Is Elizabeth Taylor Dead? Death Not True According to TMZ, CNN or Radar Online

The Elizabeth Taylor death rumors are running rampant today, but rather than rely upon Twitter for my news, I do what any sane person should do. I seek out TMZ, CNN, or other credible news outlets like Radar Online.

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Sunday Omelette: SNL Julian Assange TMZ Skit, Michael Vick The Leading MVP Candidate, and USC UCLA Pre-Game Stabbings

The Omelette Sunday December 5, 2010 SNL Kicks Off Episode With Julian Assange TMZ Sketch

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Johan Santana Alleged Sexual Battery: Nasty Accusation or Cover-up?

New York Mets ace Johan Santana is embroiled in a doozy of a controversy after TMZ caught wind of an alleged sex

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