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'Twilight' Wedding Dress, Possible Steve Jobs movie, and Justin Bieber to challenge Baby Mama Accuser

Twilight Wedding Dress: You Could Look Like Bella at Your Wedding

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Drive Angry Review: Nicolas Cage Comes Back From The Dead In Campy, Corny 3D Movie

Part ode to 70’s grindhouse cinema, part mindless, unimaginative action trash, Drive Angry 3-D tickles the guilty pleasure long enough to produce a sustainable entertaining experience. There’s plenty of t+a, explosions, and carnage, but eventually this joy ride runs out of gas.

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Twilight Eclipse First Decent Movie From Twilight Series Thanks to New Director

New film benefits from a better director and a more secure handle on all the silly, sparkly vampire melodrama

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Jackson Rathbone of 'The Last Airbender' and 'Eclipse' sees Philadelphia's taste of devotion from fans of all ages

It’s 92 degrees, but they don’t mind the heat. They’ve come from Harrisburg, Phoenixville,

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New Moon Movie Review: Latest entry in Twilight series is a snooze

New Moon could be a horror film on the daunting aspect of having a child enter their teenage years. It will likely send parents with children on the cusp of adulthood screaming from the theater.

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