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WWE Women's Royal Rumble Preview

The first ever Women's Royal Rumble match is less than two weeks away and the entire wrestling world is anxiously waiting, as Royal Rumble matches have always been full of surprises.

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Eagles trounce Raiders: The Morning After

Good morning campers,

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Sly Stallone has 'The Expendables' EXPLODING on the big screen

Think about every action hero in cinematic history who has operated a firearm and chances are you will find them in "The Expendables."

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Play2 breaks new ground for Pete Ciarrocchi from Chickie's and Pete's

So there I am, covering Preston and Steve's 2010 Totally Office Calendar  Release Party at Chickie's and Pete's  on Packer Avenue Friday night. I'm then approached by Chickie's manager Bob Morrison, who motions me to come to the back of the bar. Since he was standing next to an old storage room, I wasn't really sure what he wanted to show me back there.

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