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unemployment extension


Lessons About Today's Economy and Unemployment from George Costanza and Rocky Balboa

George Costanza and Rocky Balboa became indelible characters for different reasons. So, how do they fit into an article about the economy and unemployment? Logic, common sense, and humor are elements that will help to reveal the answer to that question.

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The Unemployment Rate In The United States Is Manipulated By Republicans and Democrats

Because unemployment statistics can be such powerful rhetorical weapons in a policy debate, politicians and analysts have been cherry-picking numbers to support their various arguments. We increasingly hear, for instance, about the "real" unemployment rate — a number that includes people who have given up searching for work or who are "underemployed," and that stands at nearly 17%. Wow. See how the shock value can help news ratings.

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Has Barack Obama officially Jumped the Shark by appearing on America's Most Wanted?

After numerous appearances on the late-night circuit, Access Hollywood, and countless other news magazines over the last two years, President Obama  can now add another prime-time program to his resume: America's Most Wanted

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Jim Bunning's Mr. Burns impression would make Harry Shearer proud

As you have probably heard, Harry Shearer, also known as the voice of Mr. Burns on The Simpsons is making headlines today for his new CD called Greed and Fear, which takes some shots at the fat cats on Wall Street.

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