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valentines day gift


A real life Valentine pops the question

Does a person really truly know what “true love” is?  In this day and age, I have seen so many throw such an important and precious word around so easily that I have questioned if our society truly knows and understands what it is.

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Valentine’s Day 2011: More Than Just Dinner, Cards, Chocolate, and Gifts

Ahh valentines day- the chocolates, the flowers, the sexy foods, the love between two people, the pain of a breakup, the fun of being sexy and single!!

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Thinking of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Maybe I can help!

Valentine’s Day can often prove to be tricky in the gift category and could maybe make or break your lovely union. But let’s think optimistically and try to center upon the gifts that could lead you two into eternal bliss. As a woman, I think I have a good sense of what women like and would love to receive from a guy and I think I have a good sense of taste on what to give the guys as well.

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