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Week 6


NFL Week 6-Grading the Eagles in their loss to the Raiders

When you lose to the Oakland Raiders, well there isn’t much good to say.

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Philly2Philly.com-NFL Picks Week 6

NFL Picks Week 6 Ok, up until now, it's been yours truly going head to head with one Dennis Bakay. Well, starting this week, we're gonna make this thing a little more interesting.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 6

The Top 10 NFL Power Rankings and my, my… look at all the new faces. 1. Giants (1). Say it with me… “G-Men are here til they lose. Or play a real NFL team, whichever comes first. 2. Saints (2).  Bye week does not warrant losing a place in my Top 10. 3. Vikings (3). Poor Spags… I do think he’ll get the Rams turned around… course they may be in LA by then.

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