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West Philly


Summer Steals at the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll

Dolla’ dolla’ bills, ya’ll Kick off the summer right! This Thursday, June 10th, grab a pocket full of singles and head over to Baltimore Avenue from 43rd to 50th streets for the Dollar Stroll. 

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Bobby Flay's Bobby's Burger Palace in West Philly

If you’ve been paying any attention to foodie news for the past couple of months, you’ll already know that Bobby Flay has lent his cash-generating name to the Philadelphia food scene by opening up another leg of his franchise burger hut, Bobby’s Burger Palace, at 39th and Walnut.

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Fu-Wah Mini-Market Offers a Fresh Alternative for Lunch: The Vietnamese Hoagie

The hoagie is Philadelphia’s second most popular culinary invention. But, like all foods, our favorite sandwich faces innovation over time. And, here in Philly, a well-established and still-growing ethnic group has brought a new spin on an old favorite.  Bahn Mi, or more popularly called a Vietnamese hoagie, is a sandwich specialty that combines meat or tofu on a soft roll with a mixture of carrots, onions, cucumbers, cilantro, mayo and jalapeno peppers. And it’s available at a variety of restaurants and small shops in the city’s many Vietnamese pockets. 

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